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116 pages.
16.5 cm x 24.0 cm
The title of each copy is written by Paolo personally, with different doodles. Each copy is made to be unique.

SPECIAL edition comes with a handwritten note to the reader by Paolo himself (please specify the name you want to be written on the note when you make the order, in the "note" section). Each SPECIAL copy is signed by Paolo. Each SPECIAL copy comes with a 9 x 13 picture of Paolo's work, with a small description of it on the back. Each picture is signed on the back.

Dreams is the natural continuation of my first book, Angel, which came out in 2015. Like Angel, Dreams is not just a normal book; it is a collection of drawings, picutres, thoughts, poems, flowers, feathers, leaves, and much more. It is intimate diary, dedicated to all the ones who fear forgetting things and enjoys having a visual representation of tender memories. Dreams is a closing chapter, and probably my last work when it comes to photography representing my youth. I feel like I am growing, my friends are too, and it is time to let it go, even if it is painful. Dreams explores this aching feeling of growing up, of nostalgia, and so much more. And I'd love to share it with you. Thank you for believing in me.